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Denture Care Guidelines – Lake Wales, FL

Instructions On Care Of Your New Denture/Partial Denture

  1. After wearing your new dentures, please be aware that sore spots may develop in the mouth. Your dentist must adjust your denture. We will provide this service at no charge for up to 1 year after the denture/dentures are delivered or relined.
  2. Please begin eating soft foods and expect some difficulty with chewing and speech. As your mouth gets used to your new denture you will quickly be able to chew and speak correctly.
  3. Adhesives may be used to aid in the retention of your denture. The shape of your jaws and the strength/position of your bite will dictate how much retention you will have. In the case of poor retention, please let your dentist know. You may be a candidate for implant fixation.
  4. Brush your dentures every day to remove food and plaque and to prevent stains. Use a soft toothbrush and a little water.
  5. Wash your dentures with denture cleaner (approved for metals if using a partial metal denture), hand soap, or an ultrasonic cleaner. Take care not to use toothpaste or any harsh, abrasive cleaner because these can damage your dentures.
  6. When not wearing your dentures, please keep them immersed in a cleaning solution or cold water. This will keep them from drying out and losing their shape. If your dentures have metal parts that might tarnish, ask your dentist how to store them.
  7. Remember to take care of your mouth. Your remaining teeth and tongue need to be brushed with toothpaste to remove food and plaque. Rinse your mouth with salt water to clean your gums.
  8. Return to your dentist every six months to have the fit of your dentures checked or if they need adjustments or repairs. Never try to adjust your dentures yourself because you can damage them.
  9. Expect to have your dentures relined, re-based, or remade after about five years.
  10. And lastly, we are here to help you with your new denture. Please do not hesitate to call the Forni Dental team in Lake Wales, FL. Enjoy your new denture!