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Get a Beautiful Smile in Just One Day!

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Dental implants have quickly become the new standard when it comes to tooth replacement. By combining titanium materials and porcelain restorations, qualified dentists like Dr. Forni and Dr. Pero can easily replace missing teeth with this advanced and natural-looking solution. With TeethXpress available, he can even replace your smile the same day as your surgery, expediting the overall process and ensuring you can keep smiling after your initial treatment is complete! You’ll also find that TeethXpress offers many benefits over traditional varieties. If this sounds like the tooth replacement option you’ve been looking for, call our office to schedule your first consultation.

What is TeethXpress?

The TeethXpress treatment is a procedure specifically designed to give patients a brand-new smile through the use of several strategically-placed dental implants. Typically, four (sometimes as many as six) dental implants are placed throughout the jaw, giving the restoration a proper foundation for long-term use. It’s important to note that while most dental implant treatments require patients to wait several months before they can have their restoration, TeethXpress offers a fast-track path to a beautiful smile.

Most people who choose TeethXpress are missing several teeth on opposite sides of their mouth or all teeth in the top or bottom arch. If you desire a fast solution to extensive tooth loss, there are few treatments that can provide the benefits that TeethXpress does.

How Does Treatment Work?

The TeethXpress treatment typically takes about three to four hours to complete. After confirming your eligibility to receive dental implants, we’ll schedule you for surgery at a later date. On the day of your treatment we’ll place the implants and attach your restoration to the implants, giving you the ability to leave the office with significantly more confidence.

What are the Advantages Over Traditional Implants?

When you choose TeethXpress to replace your teeth, you’re able to reap the very same benefits of dental implants, including the preservation of jawbone tissue, the ability to eat the foods you want without worry, an extremely lifelike tooth replacement, and newfound confidence that you might not have had before. The main difference is you do not have to wait four to six months or longer just to experience that feeling. In the same 24 hours that you have the implants placed, you can have a secure restoration to use while the implants heal and integrate with your organic structures.

Furthermore, a traditional denture does not last as long as a restoration from TeethXpress. If you have had a denture before, you’ve probably been told that you need to replace it once every five years. Since this restoration is being held in place via dental implants, you can expect many more years of use out of it, giving you the ability to live your life with confidence.

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